Patrick King

Configuration Administrator, Developer

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About Me

I am a professional configuration administrator and amateur developer living in Seattle, WA.

I'm proficient in an array of programming and scripting languages. I have experience developing across the full stack, and I am experienced in troubleshooting services across all layers of the OSI model.

I strive to be a lifelong learner, and I love to take on new technologies and challenges. If you have a project, problem, or opportunity that you think that I might be interested in, please contact me below.


Expeditors International of Washington

Configuration Administrator

  • Server level operating system administration (Window/UNIX)
  • Deployment and management of database systems (DB2, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Configuring, deploying, and maintaining various monitoring software application stacks:
  • ELK: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana
  • CA Technologies: APM, NFA/ADA, Spectrum, PerfCenter
  • Other: Alerta, Telegraf, Collectd, Metricbeat, Filebeat
  • Acquiring, developing, and onboarding new enterprise monitoring tools
  • Designing proof-of-concept monitoring systems in Docker with Docker-Compose
  • Developing custom plugins, tools, and scripts
  • Participate in the on-call rotation for 24/7 support

Expeditors International of Washington

Associate Windows Systems Administrator

  • Configure and support Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016
  • Work with teams to design systems that meet their business requirements
  • Support, design, and development for regional datacenters
  • Coordinate with and support 250+ remote branches worldwide
  • Powershell, Python, and SQL development
  • Active Directory administration and Group Policy management
  • System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) administration
  • Participate in the on-call rotation for 24/7 support

Expeditors International of Washington

Helpdesk Technician

  • Configure and support Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Support 1000+ people at all levels in the corporate headquarters
  • Install, configure, and support third-party software
  • Administer the Microsoft Office Suite and Outlook
  • Troubleshoot network and connectivity issues
  • Hardware setup, training, and onboarding for new hires and contractors
  • Support technology for events, presentations, and meetings
  • Build operating system images, scripts, and update packages for deployment
  • Deploying and supporting Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 upgrades


North Seattle College

2014 - 2017

Server/Network Administration - Part-Time Evenings

University of Washington

2009 - 2012

Foster School of Business


Departmental CMDB

  • Lead developer and support team member
  • Collect, store, and present information on server configuration and compliance.
  • Continuously worked with teams and vendors to integrate new CIs
  • Developed a REST API for use by automated processes and dashboards
  • Maintained the statuses and relationships of configuration items
  • Managed access to resources and the project's GitLab repository
  • Resulted in greatly increased visibility into our global server environment
  • Used SQL, Python, Powershell, and .NET

Automated Operating System Deployment

  • Implemented automated OSD in a datacenter environment
  • Built application, driver, and update installation packages
  • Built reference images and offline media for remote support teams
  • Developed scripts to execute pre-build and post-build tasks
  • Significantly reduced “touch-time” involved in server builds

Object-tracking Pan-Tilt Camera

  • Homebrew IoT Video Camera utilizing deep learning and computer vision
  • Outputs video stream to a private Node.JS web server
  • Motion controls, mode selection, and light controls are accessible via browser
  • Choose between three modes: Color-tracking, Shape-tracking, and Face-tracking.
  • Color mode uses a physical color sensor or an inserted value to track objects.
  • Utilizes Python, JavaScript, OpenCV, and NodeJS on a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Cluster Lab

  • Cluster of 5 assorted, ARM-based Raspberry Pi devices
  • I am currently using the Pi's as nodes in a blockchain for distributed app development.
  • I created this lab to practice using the following technologies:
    • Docker/Docker Swarm
    • Kubernetes
    • Ansible

S+7 Twitter Bot

  • A Twitter bot written in Python implemented as a scheduled AWS Lambda function
  • The bot pulls tweets from news organizations via Twitter's API
  • It queries an English dictionary in an AWS DynamoDB table for words from the tweet
  • The bot returns a new word that is a short distance away from the target word
  • Finally, it tweets out some nonsensical news stories
  • View Here -inactive-


  • Raspberry Pi Version: Python, Controlled via API over Pi's WiFi connection
  • Arduino Version: Switch between animations and colors via pushbutton
  • Currently working in KiCAD to finalize PCBs for kits/sale
  • Android App to pick colors for RPi version in development


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